Wyoming Beer Co-Op

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Project: Student Project: Create a Brand Identity for a Beer Co-Op in Wyoming
Client: none/personal
Scope: The scope of the project was to create a 6-pack holder design along with 3 bottle designs for a senior design class. I decided to do a complete brand identity along with business cards and some swag. The theme emphasizes the outdoor lifestyle characteristic of Wyoming and the environmentally centric nature of a Co-Op and the fact that there are things that locals don’t even know about Wyoming. For instance there are over 30 islands in the state. My intention with this project was to bring this to light and break out of the overplayed western vibe Wyoming sets off.
*The only image that doesn’t belong to me is the picture on the side of the box with the three figures. I presented this as what would be a placeholder image for a future photo-shoot. (None of this material is in production or being made for profit.)